The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) has a vision of community without barriers. By providing education and support, PCBDD is working to recreate a community who sees abilities, not disabilities. We value putting people first, listening, making things easier, growing and learning, working together, and promoting creativity. These beliefs are the foundation of our mission: making connections to promote abilities and enrich lives.

For over 50 years, PCBDD has been serving people with developmental disabilities in the community. Our focus has shifted as we transition to an organization that supports people by providing resources, helping them make connections, and giving them the ability to make their own decisions. Even though our strategies have changed, PCBDD remains focused on helping people reach their fullest potential. We continue to provide services, but we are increasing efforts to partner with other organizations that can provide individualized services and supports.

Over the next three years, PCBDDs primary areas of emphasis are to develop an agile workforce, grow organizational culture, exceed customer expectations, and promote fiscal responsibility. Success in these areas leads us to not only accomplishing our mission, but also meeting the ever-changing needs of people we support. When people are living their best life through responsibility, accountability, independence, leadership, and self-sufficiency, we all are living in a community without barriers.

Thank you for making this journey with us to focus on the abilities of people and our community.