The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) receives revenue from local, state and federal sources. All services offered by PCBDD are provided at no cost, except as required by state rule.

Local funds account for approximately 63% of PCBDD’s operating revenue. Property tax levies supported by Perry County voters provide the majority of our local funding and are PCBDD’s single largest revenue source. These funds can be used to support all programs and services. TANF funds are provided by Perry County Department of Job & Family Services to support children’s programs, like The Academy for Leadership Abilities®, summer camp and home-based services for children and their families.

State funds come from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). State rules and regulations govern the use of funds provided by DODD.

Federal funds primarily come from Medicaid programs and are PCBDD’s second largest funding source. Like state funds, the use of Medicaid funds is governed by various rules and regulations.

The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities strives for the best stewardship of our resources to ensure long-term sustainability of programs and services that will allow us to promote abilities and enrich lives of Perry County residents for years to come.














Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities

2018 Financial Data

2017 REVENUE Amount Received % of Total Revenue
Local Tax Levy  $2,729,928 51%
Federal  $1,316,892 24%
Other Sources  $786,116 15%
State  $526,265 10%
Total  $5,359,201 100%
2017 EXPENDITURES Amount Expended % of Total Expenses
Adult Services  $1,192,445 23%
Administration  $1,095,551 22%
Service & Support Administration  $1,001,814 20%
Home & Community Supports  $730,814 14%
Transportation  $434,179 9%
Children’s Programs  $395,810 8%
Academy for Leadership Abilities  $164,778 3%
Capital Improvements  $64,465 1%
Total  $5,079,856 100%