The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) has been an asset to our community for over 50 years. PCBDD supports a multitude of services that help provide meaningful outcomes for people with developmental disabilities.

PCBDD Children’s Program includes Help Me Grow and Early Intervention services, as well as supports for School-Age Children and Employment Navigation for those interested in community employment.

Additional PCBDD programs include: Service and Support Administration, Behavioral Supports, Health and Safety (Major Unusual Incident), Academy for Leadership Abilities®, Pioneering Possibilities®, and Family Selected Supports, in addition to providing financial support for adult day services and residential supported living. It is our hope that enhancing these supports will set a better life course for people involved with these services and programs.

This past year was an opportunity for us to reflect on how we have grown and adapted to meet the changing needs of more than 400 people and families who rely on us for support. It is also a time to look toward the future and how we can continue to best support these people and the broader community.

We appreciate the continued support for people with disabilities to live, work, play and be the community.  It is through local partnerships and collaboration that we are able to fulfill our mission of making connections to promote abilities and enrich lives.

David C. Couch,
(740) 342-3542