Individuals with developmental disabilities have a right to live in a stable home, enjoy membership in a family, have access to the array and quantity of supports needed to enable them to participate in the life of their communities, and experience relationships with others.  Therefore, the Perry County Board of DD provides a family support services program known as Family Selected Supports (FSS) to promote the unity of the family by assisting it to meet the special needs of the individual with developmental disabilities so the individual may live at home.

The three primary purposes of the Family Selected Supports program are to:

  1. Promote the unity of the family by assisting the special needs of the individual;
  2. Promote the unity of the family by meeting the special needs of other family members as related to the individual; and
  3. Facilitate the care, health or safety of the individual within the family home.

Application for Family Selected Support funds is made through the individuals Service and Support Administrator (SSA) or Service Coordinator (SC) for early intervention and school aged children.

For more information about Family Selected Support, please contact MEORC FSS:  or (740) 397- 4733.

Email is preferred!