The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services (PCBDD) provides Behavioral Support Services to children and adults.

Services available for children and adults include some of the following but not limited to;

  • Conduct functional assessments to determine persons’ behavioral support needs
  • Analyze data on problematic behaviors
  • Develop personalized behavioral interventions
  • Train team members on behavioral prevention, intervention and crisis management approaches

The Behavioral Support Specialists (BSS), in cooperation with the person supported, their Service and Support Administrator (SSA), and other team members, completes an assessment and develops strategies for the Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Plans which include restrictive measures are approved by the Rights Committee (RC) and are reviewed every 90 days.

The Behavioral Support Specialists (BSS) are available to work with families or residential staff to develop strategies to use at home or in the community. The Behavioral Support Specialist’s (BSS)  are also available to assist with development of strategies for eligible children who attend school in their local school district.

For more information about Behavioral Supports, please contact Shelly Lackey at 740-684-1928