Academy for Leadership Abilities® (ALA) is a program focusing on leadership skills and personal growth strategies. ALA facilitates several leadership sessions in Perry County working to make the lives of youth, adults, and the communities in which they live better. Through this programming, a leadership seed is planted to promote the integration of
ALL people, including those with developmental disabilities, into their community.

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Pioneering Possibilities® (PP) is a community leadership opportunity offered to ALL people age 18 and older in Perry County. PP is an investment in your life, focusing on integrity, setting goals, teamwork, and decision making.

  • Group meetings are every other Tuesday, for one hour, at the Community Connections Center (CCC), located at 600 Senior Drive, New Lexington, OH.
  • We also have monthly service project planning sessions that following PP group sessions for thirty minutes. This opportunity is changing the culture by enriching the lives in our community.

Our fundamental belief is to facilitate sessions for participants to learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think. We challenge people to think, process, and research the very core beliefs they have to understand why they do what they do and how to accomplish their big dreams. We work with people to advance in all areas of life focusing on strengths, not weaknesses.

For more information about Academy for Leadership Abilities® or Pioneering Possibilities®, please contact Shelly Lackey.