Respite looks different for every child and family. For one child it may mean playing hard outside on a trampoline or swings, or swimming in the family pool, for another it may mean sitting quietly together looking at a magazine or watching TV, and to yet another it may mean taking a trip via transit to the bowling alley and grabbing a bite to eat. Respite is meant to give you, the caregiver, a break to go to the store or church, read a book, paint the hall, or allow quality time with other members of your family.

The service was developed to provide in-home support and give you the tools you need to prevent the out of home residential placement of your child.  It is made possible through a grant from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Perry and Morgan County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and Family and Children First Councils are working together along with iamBoundless, Inc. to wrap services around families who are referred and choose to participate.


  • Is made up of a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who are focused on helping your family prevent out of home placement and offer additional support.
  • Works closely with your existing team and provides a respite resource for your family.  We are not in place to replace the support and services you currently receive we are in place to provide additional support.
  • Staff is trained in trauma-informed services and the development of positive cultures.
  • Staff will ensure that our services are child and family-centered designed specifically for your family.

Respite will provide your family with the following:

  • The services of a qualified and trained Community Supports Specialist (CSS).  The CSS will work with your family to identify and coordinate your respite needs and other supports that may be needed for you and your child.
  • The services of qualified and trained Behavior Support Technicians who will provide the respite and/or training services that were agreed upon between you and your CSS.
  • Your family will receive a minimum of 8 hours of respite services per month.  The amount of support needed will be mutually agreed upon between you and your CSS.
  • Your family will have access to a variety of tools/approaches that will help you effectively assist your child to be successful.

How we become engaged:

After your family is identified for possible in-home respite services by your Service and Support Administrator (SSA), the Community Supports Specialist (CSS) accompanies them to meet you. The CSS explains the project, and you determine if you are interested.  Often, following this initial meeting, we exchange contact information and determine the best way to communicate and schedule a subsequent meeting.

Through initial and ongoing conversations with families, the CSS learns about your child and family and what will help support you in caring for your child. We talk about when your child and family are happiest, the most challenging things you face, who the people are who provide support, and what you want to be successful. When a relationship has been established, the CSS begins to use tools to assess how to assist you and your family. The CSS assesses skills and supports needed by the Behavioral Support Technician (BST) for your child with regard to personality and shared common interests.

The CSS also meets with other people providing services to your family, including schools, county board staff, and other support systems, to begin to learn how wrap services around your family, and to maintain consistency with established methods and services which have proven positive and supportive.

The CSS will then discuss with you when you need the most support. We will talk about people connected with your family to see who can be incorporated into the design of your child’s Strategic Respite Plan. With you and/or your child, the CSS completes a Personal Profile of your child and together we create a respite plan and begin the service.

For more information about Respite, please contact Community Supports Specialist, Mona Bolyard at 740-684-2179 or