Construction of the new PCBDD facility at 601 Senior Drive, New Lexington is underway! 

Below are some of the advantages of the new building, as well as photos from the construction site. New photos will be added as the building takes shape, so we invite you to check back periodically to follow its progress.

  • All programs and services, currently spread across three different locations, will be consolidated to one building.
  • Down-sizing to one new, efficient building is estimated to decrease building costs by approximately $140,000 per year.
  • Reduced building costs will make additional resources available to provide services and supports.

If you would like more information about the new facility, please contact Superintendent, David Couch by phone at 740-342-3542 or by email at





A photo gallery of the building progress is available by clicking here.

The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) is proud to present a snapshot of our impact on the Perry County community in 2019. Last year was positive and productive as we implemented new programs, connected with new partners, and celebrated people with developmental disabilities. The following Annual Recap shares an overview of our journey in 2019.



UPDATED – 8/24/2020

The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities is here to support you!

Updated COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures
as of August 24, 2020 with directives in place until further notice
(*Subject to change following new or revised guidance)


Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, PCBDD has developed protocols and procedures to ensure reasonable steps are taken to protect the people we support, their families, and our employees.  The following protocols and procedures are in place to reduce possible exposure and mitigate the risk of exposure. Please keep in mind these guidelines can change. If changes take place, revised information will be communicated as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact David Couch at 740-684-1847.



Virtual participation in trainings, meetings, and events is still preferred.

In-person attendance at trainings, meetings, or events is permitted as long as the following takes place: all participants maintain 6 ft. social distance, all participants wear facial coverings in shared spaces, all participants are free from COVID-19 symptoms, all participants have not been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 or who is presumed to have COVID-19.

Following all trainings, meetings, and events, the staff who coordinated the training/meeting/event is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting all tables, chair arms, doorknobs, and any other surface that may have been used. This is to be done following EVERY meeting.

In-Office Meetings and Connections that are scheduled or unscheduled (with people we support, families, walk-ins, etc.):

No external visitors are permitted in PCBDD facilities as this time.

Signs will be posted on entrance doors encouraging visitors to connect with PCBDD staff via email or cell phone. Staff may connect with or deliver documents to visitors outside the building, as necessary. Staff making these connections will maintain 6 ft. social distancing and wear a facial covering.

In-Person Visitation:

Staff will conduct visits virtually when possible. Virtual visits remain the preferred method of connecting with people supported by PCBDD.

Staff are only permitted to conduct in-person home visits with pre-approval from the person or family.

When scheduling in-person visits, PCBDD staff must contact the person or family being visited to  1) determine if anyone in the household or anyone participating in the visit has had close contact with a person with a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case; and 2) complete a symptom assessment for anyone in the household and anyone participating in the visit.

If anyone participating in the visit or in the household is symptomatic or has had close contact with a person with probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, the in-person visit will not be held and will be re-scheduled.

Prior to making a visit, PCBDD staff will conduct a complete self-assessment. If staff is experiencing any flu-like symptoms or fever, the staff will not conduct the visit and will notify their supervisor.

Prior to the in-person visit, PCBDD staff will complete another symptom assessment for anyone in the household or anyone participating in the visit. If anyone is symptomatic or has had close contact with a person with probable or confirmed COVID-19 case, the in-person visit will be canceled.

Anyone participating in the home visit will clean/sanitize hands consistent with CDC guidance prior to starting the visit.

During the visit, PCBDD staff will wear a facial covering or necessary personal protective equipment during the visit.

During the visit, PCBDD staff will ensure a minimum of six feet between them and anyone participating in the visit, except when necessary to complete a specific required component of the visit.

PCBDD staff will only bring items needed for the visit. PCBDD will limit the supply of paper, pens, etc., and any such items are not recommended to be shared with anyone participating in the visit.

PCBDD staff may limit visit participants to those necessary to complete the visit and request others to not attend. Considerations will be made for needed supports such as sign language or spoken language interpreters.

PCBDD staff will avoid placing a laptop, tablet, binder or other equipment on a surface that may have potential contamination.

PCBDD staff may ask anyone participating in the visit to consider wearing a facial covering.

PCBDD staff may ask to conduct the home visit outside, when possible.

PCBDD staff may request to sit on a hard surface that can be cleaned and sanitized before and after sitting. PCBDD staff may also bring their own chair that can be cleaned and sanitized between visits.

After the visit, PCBDD staff will clean and sanitize any laptop, tablet, binder, pen, or other equipment used during the visit.

PCBDD staff will clean and sanitize hands frequently, including at the end of the visit.

At the end of the visit, PCBDD staff will also clean or dispose of any facial covering used during a home visit.

School Visits and ALA:

ALA facilitation in the schools will take place as directed by the individual school. Staff conducting ALA activities will use hand sanitizer upon entering any building or facility and throughout the course of ALA facilitation.

CCMEP, Job Search, and Pioneering Possibilities remain suspended until further notice.

Department Directors can be contacted directly if you have questions or concerns.

David Couch, Superintendent 740-684-0624
Ron Spung, SSA Director 740-684-2075
Cindy Aiello, Children’s Program Director 740-605-7812
Jessica Stroup, Administrative Supports Director 740-684-1847
Caley Boyden, Finance Director 740-684-0187
Shelly Lackey, Community Supports Director 740-684-1928

Please click here to access our staff directory.

If you need to report abuse or neglect of someone with a disability, please call 740-605-7746.

Informational website links regarding COVID-19 can be found in Resources -COVID-19 Response


Our Mission:

Making connections to promote abilities and enrich lives.


The Perry County Board of Developmental Disabilities (PCBDD) is responsible to provide supports to children and adults who have developmental disabilities and are residents of Perry County, Ohio. We welcome your comments and questions. You may contact us at 740-342-3542.

David Couch


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