Academy for Leadership Abilities



The Academy for Leadership Abilities® (ALA) is a premier educational program focusing on leadership skills, and personal growth strategies. These are products of choice for anyone in leadership or aspiring to be in leadership. Key principles such as ethical leadership, teamwork and positive mental attitude are applied. Participants enjoy the many benefits that come from learning HOW to think not WHAT to think.

ALA Produces 12 Individual Leadership Systems

  • Integrity/Ethics
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Personal Core Values
  • Leverage Your Strengths
  • Personal Financial Strategies
  • Personal Growth Primer Vol. 1 (Condensed Version of topics 1-6)
  • Leadership
  • Equipping Self and Others
  • Relationships
  • Inner Circle Team Building
  • Personal Growth Primer Vol. 2 (Condensed Version of topics 8-11)

What Components Make ALA Systems So Effective?

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Present
  • Investment in People of the Community
  • Develops & Refines Skills for Leaders
  • Curriculum Meets Most Standards for Educational Credit

ALA Elevator Speech 2017 – rev 6-2017

ALA Brochure 2017 Final

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What is ALA and Benfits Summary

Who Can Benefit?

Through this programming, a leadership seed is being planted to promote integration of ALL people of different backgrounds, including those with developmental disabilities into the community.

ALA is a lifestyle. It is living a life of integrity and challenging ourselves and each other to do the right things for the right reasons, with the right people, every single time to the best of our abilities, even when no one is looking. These principles become the center point for living a good and honest life.

The ALA systems are offered to anyone interested in learning how to become a leader. Classes can be taught in various venues such as: Schools and Post-Secondary Schools, Civic Organizations,     Non-Profits, Camps, Churches, Advocacy Groups, Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice Systems.

For more information about the Academy for Leadership Abilities® Please contact the ALA Supervisor Shelly Lackey at 740-342-3542 or