The Perry County Board of DD assesses community needs and services provided by our agency.   Your responses will help the PCBDD in its efforts to improve services and better meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. You are encouraged to take a few minutes to complete this survey.


A big “THANK YOU” goes out to the many, many people who made the results of the November 3, 2015 election much different than last year.  Thank you for talking to family, friends and neighbors about the Perry County Board of DD and encouraging their support.  Thank you for making the effort to help people understand the importance of the programs and services for individuals.  Thank you for taking time to do the many things it takes to bring about the results we saw Tuesday evening.  Perry County stepped up and committed to taking care of needs, supporting the DD, mental health and children’s services levies.  I believe that speaks quite well of people here and their commitment to each other.  It certainly makes our mission of “partnering with the community” a reality.  I hope we can continue to see such positive results working together.

David Couch, Superintendent of Perry and Hocking County Boards of DD

 PCBDD Levy Thank youPictured above is a message to the Perry County community from some individuals, who want to show their appreciation to those that support them, in day to day life and most recently, with the passage of the Levy.


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A word from Superintendent David Couch:


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